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The fabulous five, Candace Parker, Shannon Bobbitt, Nicky Anosike, Alberta Auguste and the game winning performance by Alexis Hornbuckle. They all made their mark on history at Tennessee.

The Fabulous Five

By Gabe Correa - Smokey's Trail
Apr. 11, 2008

The fabulous five have put their mark on history

What a year of basketball for Tennessee. The men’s team makes history and goes to the NCAA tournament farther than any other team. Not to mention being number one for a little bit by beating Memphis on its own home court.

How about them Lady Vols! They are a very special group to say the least. They are called The Fabulous Five. We are going to miss them for their contribution of the greatest basketball games of all time.

Shannon Bobbitt
What can you say about Shannon Bobbitt a junior college player transfer? This girl is a stick of dynamite. Just in two years she had a great impact on the program. She’s the fastest guard on the court in and out and when left open she will sink a 3 pointer. At 5.2 she plays like she’s 6.4.

Alexis Hornbuckle
How about Alexis Hornbuckle a spiritual leader and a fantastic player, she has the most steals at the University. She will be remembered by the pass behind her back for an easy score in the tournament. Now most to be remembered by is the put-back shot that she made against LSU in the final four, with .07 tenth of a second left on the clock. If she hadn’t we wouldn’t have an 8th championship right now and one of the smoothest players with the ball.

Nicky Anosike
How about Nicky Anosike at 6.4, she will out rebound you and steal the ball while your looking at her. The most she will be remembered by is in last season's title game, Anosike had 16 rebounds against Rutgers, and her work inside really helped give Candace Parker some freedom. Anosike traditionally has been a big-game player. Also in this year Rutgers game during regular season, according to the officials we had .02 tenth of a second left in the game when Anosike was fouled. She stepped to the line without hesitation and sank both free throws to win the game 59-58. She’s a dead ringer within about 12 feet of the basket.

Alberta Auguste
What can you say about Alberta Auguste? She’s another junior college transfer that picked up the pace. She contributes with her speed and hustle. She always was being at the right place at the right time. Always hitting shots at crucial times in the ball game and never quitting. She’s a very motivated player with leadership skills.

Candace Parker
Now the most commemorated player that ever worn the uniform of the Lady Vols, her name is Ace, CP3 or just Candace Parker. She has natural talent beyond her years. She can score on either hand, and won the McDonald’s slam dunk contest in the men’s contest. No one can cover her one on one in basketball. She has spin moves, over the shoulder moves and she has a keen sense of where the rim is. She’s not a selfish person either, but always trying to find ways in passing the ball and helping her team to victory.

The most that she will be remembered by is the final four games against North Carolina on April 1, 2007. With 8:01 left to play in the game and the Lady Vols being down 36-48 that being 12 points down, she said to the team lets play defense, and hold them five more times. She was the leader and cheerleader in that game and held them to just 2 points in 8 minutes to win 56-50; unbelievable game to say the least.

What about the gutsiest performance in the Texas A&M game when Parker dislocated her shoulder twice in the first half, and came back the second half to play with a shoulder brace that was Alberta Auguste. If she had stayed out the Lady Vols would have lost, because she scored the remaining 8 points. The LSU game was the toughest and she still was in pain by the expression on her face on some shots. The hero in that game was Hornbuckle in the put-back shot, but Parker droved the ball down to the basket and passed the ball with .07 tenth of second in the game.

The best for last was the Stanford game and the Lady Vols were the underdog in this one, and rightly so, because of Parker’s shoulder. The entire analyst on ESPN picked Stanford to win except one, which was Mechelle Voepel, because Stanford beat the number 1 team in the nation, UConn. The Lady Vols were more focus and played defense like I never seen before. They stepped up and Parker made her shots with less pressure on her and she played her game to perfection.

For the leaders you are, on and off the court; that you may prosper in all the things you do in the WNBA and beyond. It has been very enjoyable to watch you ladies play ball, and may God bless you all.


Los Angeles Sparks - Candace Parker Tennessee 10-24
Chicago Sky - Sylvia Fowles LSU 14-20
Minnesota Lynx - Candice Wiggins Stanford 10-24
Detroit (from Atlanta via Seattle) Alexis Hornbuckle Tennessee 24-10
Los Angeles Sparks - Shannon Bobbitt Tennessee 10-24
Minnesota Lynx - Nicky Anosike Tennessee 10-24
New York Liberty - Alberta Auguste Tennessee 16-18

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