Gabe's Best Midi Collection

Here's my best midi collection for your enjoyment. Everybody has their own taste of music and I hope you like my collection.

They are the best quality and well done midi files on the web! If you need some midi players to hear the music, I have some great links to get yours free. So knick back and relax and listen to the music!!

Winamp is the best midi player by far for your Win2000 Desktop. The sound quality is superb, and this player has your equalizer and all the bells and whistles. This player was the number one download in 2000 and most of all it's free!

After you download the Winamp player, you can get plugins and skins for free. The plugins has a visual window to see graphics. The art making drawings, goes with your music, "awesome visual effects". To get your plugins click here:
Winamp Plugins & Skins

Click Now! Here's a real good player called MidiPlus for OS: Windows 95/98/NT/2000. It has a play list, playback and more... Real neat design

Just click on music file name to go to a special art display with music playing in the background. Now just scroll down after the art display is shown, and right click on file to download.

The artwork images are copyright by the original artist and may not be posted on any public or private websites, whether they be not-for-profit or commercial. You must get permission from the artist to use them on personal web-sites. If you are interested in using the work on your commercial web-page you must purchase a commercial account with the artist.

The midi files are not to be used on a commercial web site! The files should be only used for private use only! If you double click on a midi file instead of right click to download, your going to have to wait until your midi player loads the file to play. Thanks and enjoy!

1. A Girl Like You  

2. Invisible Touch  

3. Right Now  

4. A-Due  

5. Spen  

6. Experiment 1  

7. The Name of the Game  

8. Acker  

9. All I Want To Do  

10. Always  

11. Always Love You  

12. Another Day  

13. Another Dream  

14. Asn-mryu  

15. All That She Wants To Do  

16. Baker Street  

17. All Night  

18. I'm Believer  

19. Barclona  

20. Saved The Best For Last  

21. Big Jump  

22. Bittersweet  

23. Blade Runner  

24. Butterfly Kisses  

25. Daichi  

26. We Built This City  

27. Calypso 2  

28. Careless  

29. Cat's in the Cradle  

30. Chase  

31. Chris 3  

32. Chris 5  

33. Closer  

34. Crazy Seal  

35. Crash Boom Bang  

36. Day One  

37. Dreaming  

38. Dream Lover  

39. Dunbar  

40. Echoes  

41. Edan 2  

42. Ordinary World  

43. Endless  

44. Escape From New York  

45. Geo Dome  

46. Goodbye  

47. Here Comes The Rain Again  

48. Heart Sdes  

49. High Hop  

50. Jump  

51. Keep Talking  

52. Knights In White Satin  

53. Love is Blue  

54. Love Theme  

55. Mission Impossible  

56. My Heart Will Go On  

57. Night Dance  

58. One Man's Dream  

59. One Of These Nights  

60. Pacific  

61. Ride Against Wind  

62. Any O Way  

63. Space  

64. Stormy  

65. Sultans Swing  

66. Sun Moon  

67. The Saint  

68. Travels  

69. Tainted Love  

70. Disk This  

71. Unknown  

72. Virtual War  

73. X-Files  

74. Enjoy  

75. Sungate  

76. Two  

77. Dreams Come True  

78. Died In Arms  

79. Freedom  

80. Happy Song  

81. Take Your Feet  

82. Spark  

83. California  

84. You Haven't Seen Nothing Yet  

85. Gina  

86. X-Files Ext.  

87. Eastern  

88. Contrast  

89. Dances With Wolfs  

90. Addictive to Love  

91. Careless Whispers  

92. Everybody Is Back  

93. I'll Be Missing You  

94. Johnny Hates Jazz  

95. What Is Love  

96. Caught In The Crossfire  

97. Fading Like A Flower  

98. Who's Going To Drive You Home  

99. Don't Speak  

100. Johnny Guitar  

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