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Crescendo Player This player plugin goes on your browser! It will go to either Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4!

Download the new Beatnik MIDI Player Plugin. Soon to be the standard Java sound device for all platforms!

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Midi Plus Here's a real good player for Win98 Desktop. It has a play list, playback & more... Real neat design

Midi Player This MIDI Player is a playlist-based MIDI file player for Windows also, which allows you to play multiple MIDI files either in sequence or randomly. Go to web site & click on Products!

Zip Files

To install these players, make a directory & unzip files to that dir. & simply click on setup.exe This URL is the place to get your many different players. Type Midi Players in box & click search!

RandoMedia is a random WAV, MIDI, and CD player for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Select specific files from anywhere on your machine, and play them either in the order you selected, or in a totally random order. You can get this player at

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