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The Tennessee Vols 98 Champions

Tennessee 1998 National Champions
Tennessee celebrates as the Sears Trophy is awarded to the Vols in the Fiesta Bowl

QB Tee Martin says we're number 1
QB Tee Martin Says We Are No 1

Tennessee 1998 SEC Champions

Back to Back SEC Champions
Back to Back SEC Champions 1997 * 1998

Tennessee No 1 in SEC

Tennessee No 1 in SEC

Largest crowd ever to watch a NCAA football game in 1998
Neyland Stadium record: The largest crowd ever to watch a NCAA Division 1 game in history - 107,653 NCAA record. No. 6 Tennessee upsets No. 2 Florida in overtime win 20-17 on Sept. 19, 1998

Best Kept Secret - Shawn Bryson
Best kept secret - Shawn Bryson goes untouched for a 57-yard touchdown in Florida game.

Al Wilson Cause 3 Fumbles In The Florida Game
Linebacker Al Wilson Hit So Hard He Cause 3 Fumbles In The Florida Game.

Deon Grant Intercepts The Pass
Tennessee's Safety No. 7 Deon Grant Intercepts The Pass To Florida's Nafis Karim

Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall's winning field goal beats No. 2 Florida in overtime 20-17. This All American broke the all-time record at Tennessee with his 371 career points not only are the most in Tennessee history -- topping his UT mentor John Becksvoort (1991 - 94) for the honor--- it's the best in SEC history.

Tennessee wins 20-17 in overtime
John Ward says game over folks, No. 6 Tennessee upsets No. 2 Florida in overtime with a score of 20-17. "Pandemonium Reigns! In Neyland Stadium" Sept. 19, 1998

Goalpost Come Down
Goalpost Come Down After Win On Sept 19, 1998
Both Goalpost Come Down
Both Goalpost Come Down After OT Florida Game 1998

Tennessee Fans Tear Down Goalpost
Tennessee Fans Tear Down Goalpost With Expensive CBS Camera's On Them - 1998
Vols Fans Swarm Goalpost
Vols Fans Swarm Goalpost In Win Against No. 2 Florida In Overtime 20-17

Tennessee Fans Have Goalpost In Hand
Tennessee Fans Have The Goalpost In Hand [Top Left] As Florida Players Leave Neyland Stadium, Sept. 19, 1998

Florida Loss 20-17
The agony of defeat!!! Florida said Tennessee's win was a fluke! "NOT"

Vol Fans Come In Full Force
Tennessee Fans Were The Twelfth Man Saturday Night. They Broke The All-Time Record In Attendance For A Single Game In The NCAA & The University Of Tennessee With 107,653 Strong. The Victory Was Sweet To Beat Their Bitter Rivalry 20-17 In Overtime. Tickets Were Selling @ The Strip For $150 Each

The Twelfth Man
Tennessee Fans "The Twelfth Man" The fans noise was so loud Florida couldn't hear their signals, and they had to use all their time outs in the game! "WHAT A GAME", "WHAT AN ATMOSPHERE", "IT WAS AN AWESOME SIGHT TO SEE THE FANS RUSH ONTO THE FIELD AFTER THE GAME". [Smokey's Trail Quotes - Gabe Correa]

1998 Vols Beat Gators in Overtime - Tennessee 20 Florida 17 - (Video 1)

1998 Vols Beat Gators in Overtime - Tenn 20 Fla 17 - Al Wilson has huge game for Tenn (Video2)

Tennessee's Defense Stopped Auburn On All Four Downs
Auburn Gets 1st Down On Tennessee One-Yard Line: Tennessee's Defense Stops Auburn Offense On All Four Downs. "Unbelievable To Say The Least" @ Auburn October 3, 1998 - Vols Win 17-9

Billy Ratliff Recovers Clint Stoerner Fumble 1998
Tennessee's Billy Ratliff Pushes His Arkansas Defender Into His QB Clint Stoerner And He Fumbles The Ball, And Billy Ratliff Recovers It On Arkansas 43-yard line with 1:43 minutes in the game. Amazing Strength!

The Miracle On Hallowed Ground 1998
QB Clint Stoerner of Arkansas fumbles the ball and Tennessee tackle Billy Ratliff recovers it on Arkansas 43-yard line with 1:43 minutes in the game.

The Greatest 2 Minutes in Tennessee History ....

"Travis Henry got to the huddle, and Tee Martin, and the offensive line
looked up at Henry and said: "Take the ball to the promise land"
and he did. He ran 15, 15 and 11-yards to Arkansas 2-yard line."

Tennessee Vols in 1998 - Arkansas Game: Tennessee's Billy Ratliff No 40 Pushes His Arkansas Defender Into His QB Clint Stoerner And He Fumbles The Ball, And Billy Ratliff Recovers It On Arkansas 43-yard line with 1:43 minutes in the game. Amazing Strength!

Billy Ratliff

Billy Ratliff was the model of the Volunteer spirit during his time at the University of Tennessee (1996 - 1999). Billy battled through a number of injuries, but his positive attitude gained the attention of his teammates and coaches. After his career, Coach Fulmer honored Billy by creating the Billy Ratliff Award. This award is now given to the player who faces multiple season-ending injuries but battles back and serves as an inspiration to his teammates by his demeanor, work ethic and actions.

Many fans remember the 1998 Arkansas game in which Billy created a turnover by knocking his player into Quarterback Clint Stiner, who then fumbled the ball. Minutes later, the Vols put the ball into their end zone, putting 6 points on the scoreboard and preserving their perfect season.

Undefeated Tennessee Took On Undefeated Arkansas 1998

Tennessee's Dwayne Goodrich Makes Interception From All American WR Peter Warrick & Scores Touchdown In The Fiesta Bowl Jan. 4, 1999
Vol Cornerback Dwayne Goodrich [Defense MVP] Scores Touchdown [Fiesta Bowl Jan. 4, 1999]

Tennessee WR [Offensive MVP] Peerless Price No 37 Out Runs Florida State Mario Edwards No 15 For A Touchdown In The Fiesta Bowl - Tenn 23-16, Jan. 4, 1999
Peerless Price Scores TD In the 4th Quarter [Fiesta Bowl Jan. 4, 1999]

The Dream

Phillip Fulmer

Head Coach Phillip Fulmer -- 1998 National Coach Of The Year

Quotes from Phil Fulmer: "I've made a really big deal this year out of physical play. We said going into the season we had to do three things to have a good year. We had to run the football well, so we wanted to lead the conference in rushing...We wanted to lead the conference in turnover ratio...We had to lead in scoring defense, and we were three tenths of a point from doing that." (UT bowl practice news conference 12/18/98)

"This bunch had the right chemistry. It's been the most focused team I've ever been around. One thing that makes them special is that they have listened to their coaches and gone about their business week by week. This has been a unique team from the chemistry standpoint, and I'm thankful for that. They have played with great intensity." (Smokey's Tale Volunteer Magazine 12/18/98)

"Thank God for these kids. All year long they have been up to the challenges that have been there." (Vanderbilt post game comments 11/28/98)

Dwayne Goodrich & Peerless Price lift their MVP trophies in the celebration
Number 1
Phillip Fulmer says it all
Peerless Price
Peerless Price celebrates at this special moment as the Sears National Championship Trophy is awarded to Tennessee
1998 Fiesta Bowl Trophy
Tee Martin shows Fiesta Bowl trophy to players and fans

Lynn Swan Interviews QB Tee Martin In The Fiesta Bowl
Offensive MVP WR Peerless Price Had A Total Of 199-Yards In The Game

Al Wilson No. 27

No. 27 Al Wilson caused a school-record three fumbles to lead the Vols in their 20-17 win against their biggest rivalry Florida. "I've never had a player who hits you as hard as Al does," Fulmer said.

Tennessee defensive coordinator John Chavis says there's not a better linebacker in the nation. Wilson's toughness has been proven by the fact that he played most of the season with a partially dislocated shoulder that was so painful he often slumped to the turf in agony.

It started in 97 in the SEC Championship game. It was half time in the Georgia Dome and Tennessee was trailing Auburn 20-10. The Tennessee coaches were going over X's and O's in the locker room as the players sat in silence, many of them with their heads bowed.

Suddenly, junior linebacker Al Wilson stood up, cleared his throat, and asked for everyone's attention. Speaking in a resounding baritone that could have shaken the concrete walls, Wilson explained how much this day meant to him. Soon his voice cracked, then he started to weep. Before long, he was getting in the faces of teammates he believed had underperformed in the first half, most notably quarterback Peyton Manning and linebacker Leonard Little, arguably the team's two best players.

"I'll remember that forever," says wide receiver Peerless Price. "Someday I'll tell my little kids about how he was crying." When the lights went out in the Georgia Dome that night, Tennessee had won an SEC title--the inspired Vols came back to defeat the Tigers 30-29.

Perhaps the skeptics should have listened closer back in early November when Al Wilson put out the word. "People are waiting for Tennessee to mess up," said Wilson, "but I've got another story for them. We're not going to mess up. We have something to prove. We're on a mission." Mission accomplished.

From Smokey's Trail, and Fans: We want to thank you for the leadership and the gutsy plays that were shown for the 1998 season, and always believing in yourselves to get the job done. We will never forget you guys from the water boy to the coaches, it will be forever etched in our minds. For the 17 seniors that showed the underclassmen the example of being leaders and never giving up when things got down, we know as you take your degree and go out into this world, that you will never forget the experience and the memories that made you champions. May God Bless You All.

In review of the past season from Smokey's Trail: Tennessee Vols 1998 Season

The events on this page were fictional, but the Tennessee Vols made the events come true. Visions of 1998 are things that I put together before the season started, and added things to the page as they continue to win. Not only me, but every Tennessee fan knew that this team had the possibilities to take charge, and they did.

This team is very special, because it has the total package when it comes to playing football at it's best. This team had a vision to be the best in the land. The Bible says: Without a vision the people perish. Jan. 4,1999 the Tennessee Vols became National Champions in the Fiesta Bowl by beating Florida State 23-16. Tennessee became the first team in school history to go undefeated in the season since 1938 and the only Tennessee team to be 13-0.

Here are some quotes from a man that was there, and where you are now!: "Football is a game of defense, and field position." "Minimize your mistakes, and magnify the mistakes of your opponent." "Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope." (General Robert Neyland)

Best Video Of The '98 Vols You Will Ever See

1998 National Champions

1998 National Champions Banner @ Neyland Stadium

1998 National Champions Sears Trophy
1998 National Champions

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