For the best wallpaper anywhere, and links for the Tennessee fans, you've come to the right place. The UT Vols and the Christian desktop wallpaper is made by,,, and

To Put Wallpaper In XP

All wallpaper are in zip files. To put wallpaper in XP Home Edition or Professional is easy. Just unzip the wallpaper to your My Pictures Folder. How do I do that? Ok, first pick the wallpaper you want by clicking on it. A box will come up asking if you want to open or save this file. You click to open the file. Then your winzip box will open to extract the file.

Now click on Extract. The Extract box will open and you will see a miniature box inside a box that shows your Desktop, My Computer and so on. Now scroll down to My Documents and click on the + sign just left of + My Documents. Now you will see My Pictures folder. Now just click on My Pictures and it will be highlighted. Now your ready to Extract the wallpaper to that folder. Just go to the top right hand corner where you see a button that says Extract, just click on the button. That's it.....

How Do I Pick The Wallpaper I Want In XP

No problem...Just right-click on your mouse on the open area on your Desktop. That's the screen in front of you when you boot up. A box will open and now scroll down to Properties and click on it. Another box will open that says Display Properties. Now just click on the Desktop Tab on top, and your background box will come up with all your desktop pictures. You can pre-view them and see what you want and when your ready, just click on the Apply and OK button, now your set.


Make sure before you click the Apply and OK button that you have put Stretch in the box to your right. Some pics are 800 X 600 in size. Don't worry it's just as clear. Just use the down arrow button to pick Stretch.

If you use Smokey's Trail Desktop Themes on your computer, and you notice the same background. Then you don't need the wallpaper. It's already in your folders.

Windows XP Desktop Wallpaper Exchanger

This neat little "power toy" is a free download from Microsoft. It allows you to point to a folder full of your pictures for use as wallpaper. This means that instead of having a stagnate picture as your background Windows displays all the pictures in whatever folder you designated in a kind of really slow slide show. Sounds cool huh. Well, you haven't heard it all yet.

In addition to dynamically changing your wallpaper you can also put pictures in designated folders. The program will display these pictures as wallpaper on those days instead of your normal selection of pictures and return to your normal rotation the next calendar day. For example, I have 10 pictures chosen for my background and this is what I see everyday on my desktop wallpaper. Now let's say that I loaded a bunch of Vols images in the program's designated folder for the date Sept. 1st. On Sept. 1st when I boot my computer up, the Windows wallpaper is going to see that I stored pictures within its Sept. 1st folder and run that set of pictures (My Vols images) instead of the normal set of images. When I boot up on the morning after the next day on Sept. 2nd the Wallpaper Changer will see that I have no images stored in the folder for this date and run the default set of images again.

You can set the wallpaper display length from 15 minutes to 1 week between pictures. You can manually skip a picture, or choose one image to display as long as you want . With the Windows Wallpaper changer your desktop will never be dull and lifeless again.

First, create a folder and name it something descriptive and unique ("UT Wallpaper"). Now, when the page of the graphic comes up right click the picture but don't select "Save as background", instead select "Save As" and when the window comes up asking where you want to save the picture to, select that folder we created earlier ("UT Wallpaper") and select save (make sure you save as a .jpg).

Once you have done that, with all of the wallpaper images you want in your folder. Now open up the Wallpaper Changer and in the "Change Wallpaper at Intervals" window navigate to the folder you dumped the wallpaper images into from this page or any other pictures you save unto your folder. Now you should almost immediately see them in the preview window. Select OK and you should see the program take affect.


Desktop Wallpaper Gadget For Windows Vista Only

This is an awesome free tool to change your desktop wallpaper. It uses the same method as making a folder like above using XP in MS POWERTOYS EXCHANGER. You can use this tool for Vista only. Windows 7 has it's own wallpaper changer built in.

The Desktop Wallpaper Gadget is designed to display the images from a folder on your computer and to help you change your wallpaper with just a few mouse clicks.

The gadget can fit on your desktop and periodically display an image from a preset folder. You can use it to relax your eyes after a few hours of working on the computer. Browsing through your favorite pictures will always help you recharge your batteries. Because it can easily become a distraction, you are able to minimize the display area when you want to focus on work.

The gadget can also change the desktop background at preset time intervals (every 5, 30 minutes, 4 hours or once per day). If you get bored by your desktop image you can browse through the pictures, choose the one that you like and click once on the "Set as wallpaper" button. Desktop Wallpaper gadget can successfully replace the Desktop Settings window since it includes even the position of the pictures (center, tiled, crop).

You can create different collections of images that will be used on special ocasions and save them on different folders. The gadget has three predefined folders (Pictures, Public Pictures and theme's default wallpapers) and remembers a custom folder that you can choose from the disk. The application allows you to preview the next wallpaper and to shuffle the images before displaying them. If one of the pictures catches your attention and you can simply click the magnifier button to view a larger version. Note! To open the tool gadget settings, go to the top right with your curser, and an mini tool bar will display. Click on the wrench to open your settings, enjoy!


Desktop Background Slide Show In Windows 7

This shows you how to use your built in Desktop Background Slide Show in Windows 7. It uses the same method as XP in MS POWERTOYS EXCHANGER, and Vista Desktop Wallpaper Gadget. You make your own folder with your personal pictures, and then follow the instructions below.

UT Vols Wallpaper For Smartphones

You can click individually

 UT Vols Team 119 1  UT Vols Team 119 2

UT Vols Desktop Wallpaper

You can click individually or the full download.

Here's the full 31 UT Vols Wallpaper in one ZIP file [8.3 MB]: Click Here

 Tennessee Vols Team 119  The Storm is coming 2013  Eric Berry 2009

Gator Stew 2012 Vols Tradition Running Thru The T 2010 Tennessee Smoky Mountains
Tyler Bray The Future University of Tennessee Football This is Tennessee 1998 National Champions
Casey Causen 1951 National Champions Game Coaches Go Vols
Kentucky Battle Lady Vols 8th National Championship Neyland Stadium 2 Neyland Stadium
And On The Eighth Day Peyton Manning Phil Fulmer Power Of The T
Prayer Smokey Howls Tennessee Football UT Vols
Volmania Davey Crockett UT Knoxville War Eagle To Defend

For More Tennessee Vols Wallpaper

Official Web Site Of The University Of Tennessee: WALLPAPER

Christian Desktop Wallpaper

All Christian Wallpaper are 1024 X 768 or larger. You can click indivisibly or the full download.

Here's the full 78 Christian Wallpaper in one ZIP file [21.5MB]: Click Here

All Things By Him Christian Cross 2 Cross
Dream Eagle Earth God be the Glory
God Bless America Heart & Wood I Believe In God. Jesus holds everything
Jesus Name Jesus Life Paint Your Love
Prince of Peace Psalm 119:105 Psalms 16:7-8 Sea and Stars
See Jesus The Cross The Word Whole Armor of God
All Things Chosen People Christ Died Church
Direct Me Every Day Faith Find Faith
God God Is Light Great Light He Has Risen
Heavens Lord Provides His Grace Holy Night
Holy Spirit Hope Hope In Jesus Jonah
Refuge Love Jesus Loving Kindness Never Forget
Path Of Life Peace Quieted Salvation
His Time Seek Him Servant Thankful
The Lord Victory Over The Grave John 14:3 Proverbs 23:13
Psalm 96:9 Study Isaiah 40:31 Dove Wings
1 John 2:1 Trust The Truth Ephesians 6:10-11
Psalm 119:105 Proverbs 3:5 Genesis 1:1 Ask Seek & Knock
Blue Lake The Church Promise Double Rainbow The Birth Of Christ
The Earth Let There Be Light Let there Be Life In The Waters Faithfulness

Christian Wallpaper are by Wallpaper 4 God

'The eagle couldn't have picked a better person'

Photo was taken by an amateur photographer at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Photo by Frank Glick

By JON TEVLIN , Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN
June 25, 2011

Words cannot describe what this photo means to the Ruch family, and every soldier that ever fought for this country. The eagle represents our country values, and is the symbol of our freedom to fight and protect her at all cost. What a tribute to the soldiers that gave their very lives for that freedom. "Freedom is not free" [Gabe Correa - Smokey's Trail]

It was a crow that first caught Frank Glick's attention. It was flying around erratically, so Glick got out his Nikon camera and followed it. It was around 6 a.m. on a hazy spring day and he was driving through Fort Snelling National Cemetery because he was early for a training meeting at Delta Airlines, where he works.

Glick is an amateur photographer, but he always carries his camera, just in case. So he followed the crow, in some cultures a symbol of good luck and magic, until he saw it: a huge eagle perched on a tombstone, its eyes alert, its head craned, looking for prey. In the foreground, dew glistened on the grass. Glick got his shot.

He didn't think too much about the photo, until he showed it to a co-worker, Tom Ryan, who e-mailed it to his brother, Paul. Paul wondered whether a relative of the soldier might want a copy. The tail of the eagle partially covered the man's name, but Paul did some research and looked up the soldier's name in newspaper obituaries. The eagle had landed on the grave of Sgt. Maurice Ruch, who had been a member of the St. Anthony Kiwanis Club, the obituary said.

Paul called the club, and it put him in touch with Jack Kiefner, Ruch's best friend. When Glick took his photo, he never could have guessed how much it was going to mean to Kiefner and Ruch's widow, Vivian. One day this week, I met with Kiefner and Vivian Ruch in her St. Anthony condo. The actual print would be delivered later that day, but Vivian held a copy of the statuesque photo and her voice broke as she talked about Maurie, his nickname, who died from a form of Parkinson's in 2008 at age 86.

"I'm sorry," she said. "This is very emotional for me." Maurie graduated from college in mechanical engineering in December of 1941 and enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps. Known for his keen eye, he became a rifle marksman and was stationed in the Aleutian Islands. He served four years in the military and earned a bronze star. To those who knew Maurie, he was a calm and deliberate giant. He stood 6 feet, 4 inches tall, with broad shoulders, but he was also unassuming and unpretentious.

"Used to call him Mr. Precise," because of his love of order and knack for fixing things, said Vivian. The Ruches had a rotary telephone long after they became obsolete because Maurie scavenged parts and kept the phone working.

"He could work a slide rule like nobody else," said Kiefner, who was a manager at Honeywell when Maurie was there as an engineer. Kiefner and Maurie were friends for more than 60 years. Not many people can say that anymore.

Maurie also loved nature and photography, so "he would have absolutely loved this picture," Vivian said. "I told him his first love was his rifle." On a rainy morning, Vivian spread photos of Maurie in the service, and the two old friends sat and ate banana bread and talked about a man they both loved.

They got that opportunity because a guy they didn't know, Frank Glick, caught a special moment, and he and his friends took the time to seek them out and share the photo. I told Vivian that some cultures believe the eagle is a symbol, not only of patriotism and dignity, but a messenger between heaven and earth. She nodded solemnly.

"I'd say the eagle had a very good eye when he landed on Maurie, and he was respected," she said. "I miss him," said Vivian as she picked up the photo. "He was a good man and a good provider." "The eagle couldn't have picked a better person," said Kiefner. He paused. "This has been kind of fun hasn't it?" Tears welled in Vivian's eyes.

"Yes, it's been wonderful."

Amazing Free-Flying Bald Eagle "Challenger"

Challenger, a 20-year-old male bald eagle named in honor of the lost space shuttle crew, stopped by "Good Morning America" on April 5th with his handler Al Cecere, founder and president of the American Eagle Foundation. Challenger also flew at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville at the end of the National Anthem on Sept. 19, 1998. Tennessee won that game 20-17 and beat Florida in over-time.

Eagle Desktop Wallpaper

Here's the full 24 Eagle Wallpaper in one ZIP file [4.6MB]: Click Here

Bald Eagle Alaska Bald Eagle Landing Bald Eagle Minnesota Bald Eagle Snatching Fish
Bald Eagle Snowy Pines Breezy Mountain Christine Falls Mount Rainier Eagle Crusing
Eagle Hunting Eagle in Flight 2 Eagle in Flight Eagle Landing
Eagle Resting Fort Snelling National Cemetery Jasper National Park Canada Majestic Bald Eagle
Mount Rainier Reflected Screaming Eagle Soaring Eagle Steaming Eagle
The Eagle Club White Mountain Wingspan Bald Eagle Winter Eagle

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