Championship Destiny
Artwork: "Championship Destiny" by Douglas C. Hess

"Watch Your Thoughts, For They Become Words, Choose Your Words, For They Become Actions, Understand Your Actions, For They Become Habits. Study Your Habits, For They Become Your Character, Develop Your Character, For It Becomes Your Destiny."

"Never Let Defeat Have The Last Word."


Vols Win Against Rivalry Alabama 20-13 With 106,700 Screaming Fans 10/26/96

Teamwork Means That We Share A Common Ideal And Embrace A Common Goal. Regardless Of Our Differences, We Strive Shoulder To Shoulder, Confident In One Another's Faith, Trust And Commitment. In The End, Teamwork Can Be Summed Up In Five Short Words..."We Believe In Each Other."



Artwork: "Mars" by Jack Stots Lewis

"The Only Way To Discover The Limits Of The Possible Is To Go Beyond Them Into The Impossible."

Follow Your Dream Tennesee
Moon Sunrise

Artwork: "Moon Sunrise" by Janak Alford

"Follow Your Dream Tennessee....Take One Step At A Time And Don't Settle For Less, Just Continue To Climb. Follow Your Dream Tennessee....If You Stumble, Don't Stop And Lose Sight Of Your Goal, Press On To Rocky Top. For Only On Rocky Top Can We See The Whole View, Can See What We've Done And What We Can Do, Can We Then Have The Vision To Seek Something New....Press On, And Follow Your Dream Tennessee.
By: Amanda Bradley"

The Essence of Leadership

UT Leadership
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Start Over
"The Essence Of Leadership....A True Leader Has The Confidence To Stand Alone, The Courage To Make Tough Decisions, And The Compassion To Listen To The Needs Of Others. He Does Not Set Out To Be A Leader, But Becomes One By The Quality Of His Actions And The Integrity Of His Intent. In The End, Leaders Are Much Like Eagles.... They Don't Flock, You Find Them One At A Time."

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