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A recording of a tornado that hit Xenia, Ohio in 1974 during a major tornado outbreak. The recording is 3:53 mins. long, and was originally done by Mr. Brokeshoulder near the corner of W. Church St and N. West St near the Xenia Foundry in an apartment building that no longer exists due to it's destruction by the tornado. It is a copy of a cassette recording made by Mr. Brokeshoulder, a Native American resident of Xenia. Halfway through the recording, he lays down the microphone and heads for the basement, but on the recording is heard birds, a train whistle, and the approaching tornado, with what sounds to be debris flying off the house towards the end, and finally the recording gets cut off when the tornado presumably damages the microphone or the recorder or both.

The roar you hear is from two F-5 tornado's rotating around each other! It does sound like a train, and the sound is something that you won't forget. It's the only two F5 tornadoes recording I know of. Remembering those that perished, of the 315 people that were killed, more than 6,000 injured, and 27,000 families suffered property losses thru thirteen states. This recording is here for you to hear, that it may save your life, when you hear to take shelter, because of a tornado warning in your area.

INCREDIBLE TORNADO VIDEO!! May 4, 2007 - Ellis Co., OK - storm chasers Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor shot this INSANE video of a violent tornado from within 50 yards!!! We had to back up at the last second, and my cell phone fell out on the road and was taken away by the tornado!! Recording: 3:14 Mins [Over 6 million hits]

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